"Yellow Reminds Me That The Sun Will Always Shine And Things Will Get Better" Etta Arlene

Updated: Jun 24

Over the past 2 weeks, I was feeling down. I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. The burden I carried was heavy and I was at a loss. The range of emotions I felt left me weary and exasperated. I watched in horror over and over and over again another senseless killing captured on video...George Floyd. The impacts were devastating. Anger and frustration boiled over from the masses. People had enough. Yet despite all of this, I watched millions of people come together and support one another through those very turbulent times. During the last 2 weeks, I've signed numerous petitions; I've shared information; I've read books, I've listened to podcasts hoping to make sense of it all; I voted; I participated in "Black-out Tuesday". I am not on the front lines but I will do what's needed to help reform these laws. We desperately need a change and the time is now. You can make a difference too! Check out these links ColorofChange and Blacklivesmatter to find out how you can help.

With so much happening, I felt guilty with creating personal content. I love sharing my outfits to you all and I didn't feel it was the right time to do so. I honestly didn't know if I was going to anymore. However, after voicing my concerns to a friend she told me to continue sharing. The world still needs positivity! So for my sanity's sake I will do so but still bring awareness and support the cause. The fight continues!

Experts state yellow is the most luminous of all the colors of the spectrum. It's represents optimism, enlightenment, and creativity. I agree! I am drawn to this color even now more than ever. I know we are still practicing social distancing and most of us are still stuck at home. However, this did not stop me from getting dressed up. I needed to reminisce about the nights when I would go out and have fun. With this outfit, I could see myself doing that. The dress is form fitting and has ribbed detail with a bandage like material that hugs you in from the waist down. I had to size up so my legs wouldn't be restricted otherwise I would have been walking like a penguin. I was worried that the top would be too loose but the straps can adjust to your liking if you need to. Perfect for my pear shapes out there! You can purchase this same dress from my favorite local boutique DreamgirlsKloset and use coupon code MelissaKimmy+15 for 15% off. I love the bright yellow color it’s so vibrant-gold accessories are a must! I kept mine simple and to a minimum. My earrings are from Windsor My small clutch and matching colored heels are from Fashion Nova. I enjoyed a little piece of heaven doing this photo shoot in my backyard. It felt good to be back at it again.

How are you doing these days? I pray that you are all safe.


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