Yellow, Blue, & Passion Twists!

As I phase out my yellow color series I couldn't think of a better way to spice things up then with a different hairstyle. Although, I have been natural for over 10 years-it's only been a little over year that I've incorporated healthy hair practices. Prior to that, I constantly wore protective styles like wigs, weaves, and braids. Don't get me wrong those styling methods definitely helped my hair grow however there were more times that I could count that I wanted to wear my hair out in it's own natural state. You're probably wondering why I didn't? Now that I think about it, I didn't have the proper regimen for my hair. The constant search for my "holy grail" always meant more products that would accumulate under my bathroom sink and more money spent (you can say wasted). Product Junkie anyone? It got so bad that if I wanted to I could open up my own beauty supply store because of how much stuff I had. I knew the madness had to end and I never gave up hope that I could be free from all of it. Then one day I stumbled across a wonderful platform and have learned from that community ever since. The Lord answered my prayers! Fast forward to today and the only extensions I add now are drawstring ponytails for length. However, this time around I decided to do something a bit different. I needed a temporary break from doing my hair so after doing a lot of research online, I said another prayer and decided to try Passion Twists. Not the crotchet or rubber band method either. I installed them like braids. "Oh you fancy huh?" Yes! It was not easy at first but after a few tries I was able to get the hang of it. Please understand, that was my 1st time doing anything like that so after 9+ hours I felt super accomplished! I was really proud of myself and thought I did a great job for being a newbie. Now after I take them out my thoughts may change on how feel about this protective style. Of course the goal is to have no signs of breakage or have a setback so we shall see. If all is well, I will definitely wear them more frequently. For now I am definitely feeling myself. I even made a Tik Tok video about it. Feel free to check it out here Oh and don't forget to follow:)

Now on to the clothes! My lemon yellow bodysuit is from PrettyLittleThing and my jeans are from Fashion Nova. I decided to distress the hems a bit because they were an old pair and I was bored. If you would like a tutorial let me know. These gorgeous strappy lace up block heels are from Ego Shoes. They are square toe and have a yellow faux leather finish. They are so comfortable! They have a 50% off sale right now if you access this link My mini tie dye clutch was purchased from Target. Check out my page to purchase similar items . What do you think about this look and most importantly my hair? Comment below.

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