When Life Gives Me Lemons I Make Lemonade

Summer is here and I am all for it! What better way to absorb all of it's seasonal goodness then with this beautiful play suit I purchased from HeartsandFound Attention! This is not your ordinary play suit. It is made to order which means that you can customize it to your liking! Yes you may not get it right away but it's so worth the wait. If you prefer not to have it customized you can use their standard sizing chart. Personally, it's hard shopping for a set/matching set when you're pear shaped. Either the top is too big or the bottom is too small. So you know I did a little happy dance when I found out that this play suit could be customized with my measurements even down to my desired length. I immediately took out my measuring tape and measured away. I like to measure myself at least 3 times to make sure my numbers are consistent. If this seems to be a pain point for you, this online guide is a great resource on how to measure yourself correctly.

When my order arrived, I was so excited. I was super impressed with the packaging alone. It was a sturdy front open box with my play suit neatly tucked inside with wrapping tissue paper and a white ribbon tied into a bow. In addition, there were instructions written on paper on how to take care of it. I am such a stickler when it comes to these types of details and HeartsandFound did not disappoint. The play suit has a bright lemon print throughout and it's 100% cotton-even the lining. There is light boning in the bust and it has a detachable halter strap if you choose to wear it strapless. The sarong wrap skirt is also detachable and has a high side slit. It definitely channels 1950s. Although, I didn't go all out with that particular aesthetic for this photo shoot-I couldn't help but feel like I was there for a moment. I could see myself with my hair tied up and I got bright yellow over-sized shades on. The sun shines bright and I am lounging in a chaise by a pool with a tall glass of lemonade in one hand and a magazine in the other. A girl can imagine right?

What do you think of this outfit? Are you a fan of play suits? Comment below!


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