Tie Dye In Pink: Perfect Combo

Let's make it a great Monday today! If you didn't read my last post I have been persistent with listening to positive words of affirmations. I have seen major improvements with my overall mood and how I respond to certain situations. If I find myself out of alignment, I immediately take notice and make a conscious decision to respond accordingly. When a person projects their negative feelings onto me, I immediately take notice and ask myself "Does this really pertain to me?" "Is it really about me?" I am not saying I am an angel and I know I can get on peoples' nerves but I am learning that it's not always about me either. These small changes have really helped me become more aware of being and learning to trust myself. I look forward to the progression.

I have been feeling good and looking good lately so pink here I come. Especially in tie dye! This beautiful midi dress from DreamgirlsKloset does not disappoint. There are front ties that wrap around the waist to either the front, back, or sides. Unfortunately this is out of stock however there are so many other cute items to purchase! Don't forget to use my code Melissakimmy+15 for 15 % off

What do you think about this outfit? Comment below.

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