The Smock Dress: A lot More to Offer

Updated: May 20

They often get a bad rap because of their frumpy look. They seem like the kind of dress you would stay in the house with. The key characteristic of the smock dress is the over-sized fullness of the fabric. They are often described as having a loose and shapeless construction often compared to a tent or sack. They were worn in the early 18th century by agricultural laborers throughout Southern England as they were considerably cheaper than other forms of outer garments at the time. By the mid 19th century, the smock dresses were dying out but were still worn as late as the 1920s. Fast forward to today and we see they are still in style and there are a ton of brands still making them.

This smock dress I am wearing is made by River Island which I found on ASOS. The light weight material with the complimentary floral colors definitely has that classic bohemian vibe I find myself appreciating more these days. It has a v-neck opening with a long tie fastening which could easily be placed into a bow if you prefer. I could have defined my waist by cinching it in with a skinny belt however that would have defeated the purpose of me wearing a smock dress. I wanted the aesthetic of the over-sized silhouette. You can find the direct link to this dress by visiting my LiketoKnowIt page. Feel free to use my discount code to get 15% off too!

Can we say an exaggerated yessss to these platform heels! They are from ALDO and I absolutely love them! They are embellished with rows of gold metallic studs between the pink and brown leopard pattern. They have a block heel with an ankle strap and buckle closure. Despite them being 4.75 inches high, I didn't feel like I was going to topple over and they were very comfortable to walk in. I have future plans with these platforms. I will be wearing them with all types of items in my closet. I can't wait! Of course I had to purchase the cross body purse to match! It has the same leopard pattern with embossed stripes and shiny gold hardware. What I really like about this purse is that it has an optional chain strap. I can either wear it as a shoulder purse or convert it into a tote by adjusting the chains shorter. You can find the direct links to purchase these items by visiting my LiketoKnowIt page.

My wool felt hat is from Free People. It has a faux leather band with a metal stud detail and the circumference is adjustable. However, I still struggled with tucking all of my super dense natural hair underneath. It was extremely windy that day so my hat did fly off my head quite a few times. Despite this, I would still recommend it. It has a good price point for it being 100% wool and there are a variety of other colors to choose from. You can find the direct link to purchase this item by visiting my LiketoKnowIt page. I definitely wanted a bohemian chic style with this outfit. How do you think I did? Share your thoughts below if you would wear this!


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