The Kimono: A Symbol of Longevity and Good Fortune

Updated: May 20

The "kimono", a traditional garment from the Heian period, was the Japanese word for clothing. It was worn on a daily basis by many in Japan for centuries. At the end of 1800s, this changed. Japan was heavily influenced by Western culture and those in high stature wore suits and dresses as a reflective of the grand and frilly wardrobe pieces in the West. The traditional kimono was no longer part of a daily requirement and was reserved for special occasions only. However, due to changing social patterns over the years the "duty" kimono filled a new role: that of a fashion item. The kimono cardigans of today are beautiful breezy overlays that pairs well with jeans, shorts, dresses, and bathing suits. They're the perfect item to wear all year round and can easily be dressed up or down.

Kimono cardigans are so feminine and really adds a beautiful layer to any outfit. I really like this one because of the flower pattern and how super lightweight it is. It pairs well with my knit body-con maxi dress. The maxi dress is soft, and comfortable-and most importantly not see through! Both of these items were purchased on Amazon. Amazon wins again! (Make sure you always read reviews) My fabulous sandals are from Dreamgirl's Kloset. My Indian inspired earrings are from Dillard's. Check out my page for direct links to purchase similar items.

Are you going to add kimonos to your wardrobe? Scroll down below and leave a message about this look!

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