Summer Days: It's Bikini Time

I will admit. I don't really wear bikinis. I have my insecurities and when I wear them my flaws seem more amplified. However, I am practicing more self-love nowadays. I reminded myself that anyone can wear a bikini! Flaws and all. It's all about finding the right one for your shape. If you struggle with this like me, the first step is to determine which of the five general body types you belong to. Check out this blog post for more details. According to that guide, I have a pear body shape. Here are a few characteristics of what this means:

  • Smaller bust

  • Wider at the hips

  • Narrow shoulders in proportion to the hips

With this body shape, the trick is to choose flattering swimwear that creates an illusion that the upper and lower body are proportionately balanced. Pear shaped bodies tend to be bottom heavy so to balance it out, we need to add more volume to the top; narrow the waist; and draw the eyes away from the hips. When selecting a one piece swimsuit, fit is very important. Personally, I am not a fan of a one piece. They are usually too big or too small so I normally would wear a tankini combo. If you like wearing a one piece, remember to look for designs with eye-catching necklines and details up top, that combine light colors and patterns around the chest with plain, darker colors, and provide plenty of coverage below. When it comes to bikini tops we have a lot of options. We can wear strapless bandeau tops, padded bikini tops, and push-up bikinis. Bold patterns and textures like ruffles are a great way to add volume up top. Bikini bottoms should be high cut waistlines to elongate your legs. You want to avoid bikini bottoms with side-ties and horizontal waistbands as these designs can draw attention to your wide hips. You should go for a high cut waistline instead to not only emphasize the curve of your waist but to also provide coverage to your hips and butt. Sarongs are a great option to combine coverage with style. If you prefer swim shorts, make sure you get a good fit with a feminine cut as boy shorts tend to be unflattering for wider hips.

This beautiful bikini is from Keva J Swimwear and it definitely follows the guidelines to flatter my pear shape. I love the fact that they offer more custom sizes when selecting each item. I was able to select a smaller top with a larger bottom. This is a win especially for us pear shapes! Not a lot of swimwear companies offer these options. The bikini top has a harness string detail in the front and the back has double straps with a clasp closure. I was a bit concerned it wouldn't give me the illusion of having a fuller bust but as soon as I tried it on I knew I made the right choice. The bottom is high cut and high-waisted with string details on the front and sides. There is minimal coverage in the back so if that is a concern of yours have no fear the cover up is here! I purchased this pastel floral print short set from ASOS. The material is sheer with a plunge neck-line and tie front. The sleeves are blouson and the shorts have an elasticated waist. The fit is true to size and it's so comfortable. I really love this cover-up. Unfortunately, it is sold out however I did find a few alternatives that you can purchase on my page. My tassel earrings are from Target that you can purchase directly on my page.

What do you think about this beach/pool ready outfit? What's your favorite type of swimwear? Comment below.

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