September is Here: A Time To Transition...with a "How To" Video!

Although I love summer I am super excited about Fall because of the gorgeous trends that are in store for us. I've seen shiny metallics; monochrome; patchwork; shearlings! Oh my I could go on and on. The shopping bug could really bite me over the next few weeks and can get really out of hand-but not when you have a game plan! You see we are still experiencing the warmer weather so buying clothes for the fall may seem like overkill. However, what if you could wear your summer pieces and "fallerize" them? Yes that is a real word.

A) You wouldn't have to break the bank by purchasing a whole new wardrobe

B) You could incorporate those essential fall pieces into your existing wardrobe

How do we do this you ask? We take inventory of what's currently "in stock" (i.e. closet) and spend a little time doing our research to narrow down our options. I did just that and found myself perusing a local H&M store. They have an awesome sale going on at the moment with all of the latest fall trends that I was gushing over. I encourage you to check them out. Check out my video below where I explain more details on how I created my list.

So you want to see how I transitioned my summer outfits with a few pieces from H&M? Check out my video below. Since I love you so much I even added all of the links for these items so you don't have to try and find them yourself. Go and visit my page for all of the details.

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