Purse Essentials: The "Must-Haves"

I remember being a teen growing up in the 1990s and how obsessed I was with designer clothing from Tommy Hilfiger, Helly Hanson, Ralph Lauren to Donna Karan. I was a true tomboy back then and nothing made me more satisfied then wearing a Polo top, baggy Calvin Klein jeans, and Nike Airmax sneakers. As I grew up my style evolved and although I still loved those designers I was no longer interested in dressing that way. So while on a recent trip to Macy's, I couldn’t help but notice this DKNY satchel in the Handbag Department in the store. I was always a fan of how Donna Karan designed her products with simple elements. Personally, I never felt her designs were outdated. I consider them classic pieces that can be worn at any time. This satchel handbag can certainly attest to that. Although it is small, it has 3 interior compartments with 1 open pocket and 1 zip pocket. It has a detachable strap and footed bottom. It has gold-tone exterior hardware and it's yellow leather! I couldn't resist purchasing especially since it was 35% off the original price. Ladies and Gentlemen! Macy's is having an awesome sale you don't want to miss-especially on designer items. Although this handbag is not on their website, I have provided a few links to a few other items that you may like. Check out my page for more details.

I've always used large tote bags to carry items that I felt were necessary for me to have while I was out and about. I would carry my laptop, phone, beauty products, wallet, keys, etc. etc. You can imagine how sore my shoulders were at the end of the day. Recently, my tastes and needs have evolved. I don't feel compelled to carry that much "stuff" anymore. Nowadays, if I could get away with a wrist-let I would. Over time, I've developed a love for small handbags which has forced me to develop a minimalist attitude with what I carry inside. My shoulders no longer hurt and I don't feel like I am carrying luggage. Take a look at my video below with what I am carrying around these days. Make sure you turn the volume up!

What are some of your essentials? What do you think about this purse? Comment below.

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