Purple Tank Dress in Tie Dye: The Series Comes To An End

The tie dye series has come to an end. I know I know! I could wear tie dye for the rest of the year...but strangely I couldn't help but notice Fall peeking those amber fires around the corner. She entices me with those rich deep colors of emerald green and ruby red. The shiny gold and silver metallic, the shearing coats. Normally, I am not this excited but this Fall 2020 season has me all worked up. It doesn't help that the boutiques that I shop at are all in on it too! I have been left with no choice but to follow and I am perfectly ok with this.

Before we move into Fall, can we show some love to this purple tie dye maxi dress I purchased from Allure Essentials. It has a fun blend of colors that range that are in all of the right places. The colors really compliment each other which is great because you can wear a variety of shoes that go well with it. The fit is stretchy and hugs the body well and the length is just right. It has a tie that can be wrapped in the front, back, or sides. Unfortunately, it is sold out on their website however I managed to find alternatives on my page. My purple sunglasses are from Meekswear, an online boutique that has all of the latest fashions.

What do you think about this outfit? Comment below.

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