Puff Sleeves: The More Dramatic The Better

I absolutely positively love puff sleeve blouses! This is one style that I will never get tired of and when I come across a really cute one-I have to get it. History tells us that the puff sleeve emerged in the Renaissance, however it's popularity grew at a fast pace during the 1930s as shapeless silhouettes and more masculine styles were the primary focus in prior decades. I can totally see why it became so popular back then and still is to this day. The puff sleeve exudes feminine sensual energy and I am all for it! There's something about how it emphasizes the female neck and collarbone. Especially when paired with lace details. I must say my collection of puff sleeve blouses is steadily growing. I consider them staple pieces in my wardrobe and I love how they balance out my pear shape. I love wearing them with my high waist skinny jeans, high waist mom jeans, pencil skirts, and fancy leggings.

These 5 beautiful blouses that I am wearing in this video displays how versatile and how creative you can get when wearing them. You can purchase similar/exact items on my page.

Comment below and tell me which one is your fav.

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