Pink Ombre Sweater: The Tuck Series Part 1

Updated: May 28

While perusing the internet, I found a few images with women wearing sweaters that were cropped in a way that piqued my interest. These sweaters were not tucked like the Mullet Tuck; Double Tuck; Smug Tuck After some further digging, I came across the Bra Tuck What in the world you may be asking yourself. Initially I reacted the same way- then I realized why this wasn't on my radar. Some of the images I came across on the internet, the girls were all super slim with super flat stomachs. They looked great! Can we say discouraging? However if the Disney character Winnie The Pooh can wear a crop top-so can I? With my confidence levels at an all time high, I was inspired to try this out albeit with a bit more modesty. You only live once right?

So what better way to try this out then with this gorgeous sweater I purchased from Venus. It's a pink and white ombre knit with a pointelle pattern down the center in the front and open cut outs down the center in the back. Can we say C.U.T.E?! I love the fact that it's lightweight enough to wear in the spring. I was mulling over what to pair this with while rummaging through my closet. Now I know there is a fashion rule to wear white during certain times of the year. However I decided to wear my white high waist jeans from Fashion Nova to really make the pink and white ombre pop (remember my confidence was at an all time high). You can find links similar to these items on my page.

I will admit- it did take me a few attempts to get that crop top look I wanted. I definitely needed a helping hand to make sure I didn't miss any areas. I realized after that this method is done best with a sports bra. Despite this, I think I did okay for my first try. What are your thoughts about this method? Are you going to try it? Leave your comments below.

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