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Updated: May 20

Lounge wear is primarily known as comfortable clothing suitable for wearing at home. Most of us are staying inside more than ever now and although it seems like the days are blending into each other (Groundhog Day anyone), staying in doesn't have to be dull! Your vibes may be casual but you can spice up your lounge wear with a few tweaks and make it fabulous. From crop tops to sweaters, drawstring shorts to joggers, skirts to a lounge dress-the key is to have enough tailored sophistication to still have style. If you decide to venture outside, you can pair them with trendy sneakers or a pair of heels and opt to layer with a cardigan, denim jacket, or a sweater wrapped around your waist. We can't forget about the accessories. You want to keep them simple-necklace, earrings, or a nice pair of designer sunglasses to take it from basic to street luxe.

I was in need to feel the sun on my skin so I decided to go outside-confined to my neighborhood of course-with my 2 piece lounge wear set from Fashion Nova. I particularly selected the mauve color because it's still muted enough to be considered a neutral. The oversize hoodie is perfect for hiding a bad hair day or wearing it just because. It was particularly windy that day so the hoodie was convenient. The biker shorts are high-waisted and the material is soft and lightweight. A word of caution: the fabric is thin which may be an issue if you suffer from cellulite on your thighs like I do. I noticed that it was a bit apparent when wearing the shorts. You may want to consider purchasing this set in black if you are self conscious about that. Despite this issue, I would still recommend it and I do plan on purchasing the other colors. Visit my page for links similar to this set.

If you know me from my high school days-then you know I have always been obsessed with Nike. Especially the Air Max. I consistently wore various styles of the Air Max and had no qualms with doing so. Now that I think back, that is all that I wore. A true tomboy indeed. Currently, I don't have a huge sneaker collection-but when I get the urge to hunt for some new ones-I always circle back to my beloved Air Max. These Nike Air Max 90 can be customized however I wanted to keep them a classic so I kept all of the standards. They are extremely comfortable with a foam mid sole that is lightweight and durable. Go to my page for a direct link.

I wanted to fancy up my outfit a bit so I paired it with this fabulous anklet from REVOLVE. It is 18k gold plated and has a crystal embellished lobster clasp closure. Which means you can adjust it to your liking. A big win! You definitely want to measure your ankle size to ensure that it's not too tight, which can add pressure and snap or irritate the skin. This accessory is a must-have and I will be buying more to incorporate into my wardrobe. Check out my page for links similar to this anklet.

What are your thoughts on lounge wear? Are you wearing them more often than before? How are you spicing them up? Leave a message below to share your thoughts.

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