Hello August! Tie Dye and Distressed Jeans

August is officially here. Yay!! I am super excited because that means my birthday is right around the corner. Although, I am a getting older and it freaks me out sometimes- I am very grateful to be alive and healthy. I've made peace with myself to embrace the grays, the wrinkles, and everything in between. It makes no sense to worry about these frivolous things when there is so much more important issues to worry about. This is a "good vibes" only zone. Speaking of good vibes, I have some news to share. I hit 1.2k followers on Instagram and I am a brand ambassador for Fab'rik Style. Yea baby! Use my coupon code Melissa20 to receive 20% off your order. They have so many trendy, cute, classy, and sophisticated items to choose from. They even offer a monthly subscription service for a box of items curated to your specific preferences. If you prefer to shop in stores as opposed to shopping online they have plenty of locations! You can still use my code when you check out. Watch the vlog below of my own shopping trip to a local Fab'rik store.

This entire outfit is from there. The blue tie dye shirt is a bit boxy and over sized which tucks perfectly in these distressed jeans. I love these jeans! They have good stretch and fit me well. Here are a few tips to help you select the perfect distressed denim. There are so many variations to them it can be a bit overwhelming.

1. Fit

Whatever is your preference on how you like your jeans to fit whether it's skinny, regular, or boyfriend-use that as your base and go from there.

2. Wash

When choosing the denim wash consider the time of the year and your preference. I tend to wear lighter ones in the spring/summer and the darker ones in the fall/winter.

3. Details

Decide what you are looking for. There are 3 different types of "distressed". Shreds: which have horizontal tears that are fully intact and attached on both sides. Holes: Likely found in areas like your knees. Scrapes: Small abrasions on the fabric which looks like the fabric was rubbed on a hard surface.

I hope these tips help you. The tan platform sandals have a clear blocked heel with a clear ankle strap. They are super comfortable. My straw hat really sets the mood off with a boho chic vibe. My earrings are from Dillard's. Visit Fab'rik Style to purchase similar items!

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