Cigarette Pants: With A Split Hem

Updated: May 20

"The cigarette pants? What type of style is this?" You might be asking yourself. The term '"cigarette" was given to these pants because they have a snug fit through the legs and end in a small leg opening a few inches above the ankles. When you wear them, they are straight and tube-like...hence cigarettes! When you include a split hem, they are a must have! You can dress them up or down. You can pair them with a blazer, oversize t-shirt, a sweater- the possibilities are endless.

While perusing the internet, I found these pants on ASOS. I like the fact that they are high- waisted and the jersey material is soft and stretchy. The blush color is in season for spring. It's all about comfort nowadays so I paired them with a button down poplin blouse I purchased from Anthropologie. The colors are bright and compliment a variety of colors. It's a bit boxy which provides a great silhouette for women who are pear shaped. I would definitely recommend wearing high waist skinny jeans/pants and pencil skirts with this top to provide a visual balance. You can find the direct links in to purchase these items.

My earrings are from my beautiful country Haiti. Whenever my mother goes back to visit family, she always brings me back jewelry to wear. The islanders use up-cycled materials such as cardboard boxes, bamboo skewers, glass, etc. to make beautiful hand made pieces. I am amazed at how creative they are. These particular earrings are made out of coconut shells. Whenever I wear them, I feel like I am there soaking up sun.

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