Celebrate Labor Day In All White

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Hello Everyone! I hope you are enjoying your long holiday weekend. Lord knows I was counting down the days while I was at work. Now that it's here I am all for it. There are plenty of day parties happening around the area so it can be a bit overwhelming on what to wear. So I decided to take my time and take a quick look into my closet and pull pieces together. Now I have too many options! It was hard to choose! Check out my video below of what I came up with. Can you guess which one I decided to wear?

**Drum-roll** and the winner is the white bandage dress! I love this dress! It's high neck and sleeveless. It has a mesh insert with a twisted front and cut out detail underneath. It is very tight and hugs the body. I would definitely recommend buying it in your regular size. I purchased it from ASOS. They have an awesome sale going on at the moment so hurry up and visit their website. You can purchase this exact dress from my page with the heels to match. If you want to know where the other outfits are from, leave your comment below.

How are you celebrating today? What do you think about my summer whites?

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