Blazers Are a Girl's Best Friend

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

According to a few online sources, they say that blazers are the workhorse for every wardrobe and when a woman wears one she automatically "bosses up". However, it wasn't always like this for us. Blazers and suit jackets were synonymous with menswear. It wasn't until the 1870s, when French actress Sarah Bernhardt became the center of controversy when she wore a custom trouser suit for a painted portrait. By the 20th century, women had embraced the look and began wearing long skirts with fitted jackets. It finally received a seal of approval when Coco Chanel designed a trimmed jacket and matching ankle-length skirt in 1914. Fast forward to today and we constantly thank our stars that the women's blazer has evolved over time and has become a symbol of that strong, put together, bad ass cape we all adore! Long gone are those days of those standard colors of black and navy. From bold colors to fresh silhouettes, the blazer is here to stay and will continue to be our shero.

Personally, I love them! They flatter all different shapes and sizes. You can dress them up or keep it cool and casual. They compliment almost every outfit- from jeans, pants, skirts, dresses, shorts, the list goes on and on. Now if you've never worn one or tried a few and just didn't like the way they fit, a good tip to remember is to make sure it properly fits in the bust area. It should cover about half of each breast and skim the covered area without bunching or wrinkling. Ideally, the blazer should fit beautifully both buttoned and unbuttoned. However, a blazer that fits great buttoned but doesn't unbuttoned won't be as versatile as the opposite. I hope this encourages you to start wearing them more often. They really do put that extra oompphh to your outfit. Check out my video below on how I style 5 different blazer outfits. If you like any of them, you can purchase the exact pieces on my page. Comment below and let me know which outfit is your fav!

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