A Milestone: 1000 Instagram Followers!!

To say that I am excited about my recent Instagram follower count would be an understatement-I am friggin ecstatic! When I started my account a year ago, I had a plan of action. I knew the type of content I wanted to create and for who. If you didn't know, I've loved fashion since I was a small child. Growing up, I had big dreams of becoming a fashion designer but sadly it wasn't a popular choice among my family members as I thought it would be. My parents wanted me to study to become a doctor or a lawyer-anything but a fashion designer. You can't imagine how devastated I was not having their support. As time passed, my dreams were forgotten and as I navigated through adulthood-life had other plans. Fast forward to today and here I am in my late 30s trying to get that old thing back! So why am I doing this again you ask? I love sharing trendy and affordable outfits that speak to my unique style. Especially to young mothers like myself who care for our family members 24/7. As time flies, we get a moment to catch our breath and then wonder where the years have gone...most importantly our sense of selves. Since we put everyone's needs before our own, where do we find the time to shop online or at a brick and mortar store? We think we can't afford to look good because we are always juggling priorities. This is why I created MelissaKimmyStyles We shouldn't have to sacrifice style because of a price tag. We can still "slay on a budget".

Another reason, I created my account is because of the Instagram fashion community. Content is constantly being shared and I get to meet so many new people. I am always inspired by others and my hopes are that I inspire others too. I will admit though during the early stages of being on there it was an emotional roller coaster at times. I would gain then lose followers. It was nerve wracking! It made me doubt myself at times and I felt like giving up. I often had to check myself and remember that I was working to the best of my ability and everything would work itself out. I am so glad I listened! I've learned so much about myself in just 1 year- I can't wait to see what's in store for me in the next. I truly appreciate all of my "day ones" that stood by my side from the very beginning and always gave their support. New followers-I welcome and embrace you. Thank you for joining the mkstyles squad!

Now let's talk about this dress! I purchased this one from ASOS. It has a cross over neck with a tie-front detail. I chose to wear it in the back and I like that it can be worn in the front or side as well. The thigh high slits are oh so sexy without being over the top and I love the sunshine yellow color. I definitely felt powerful, confident, and unstoppable wearing it. It didn't help that the wind made me feel like a super hero as the slit openings flapped in the wind. You can find the same dress here Liketoknow.It My shoes are from Fashion Nova and my earrings are from Windsor. You can purchase similar items here

Thank you for stopping by to celebrate this milestone with me! If you're just starting out and feel discouraged-keep going! You may not see immediate results however your hard work will pay off in the long run. Just remember to enjoy the ride and hold fast to your dreams! It will all work out!


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