5 Graphic Tees 5 Different Ways

I love me a graphic t-shirt! Especially over-sized. They come in all different colors, fabrics, and price points. Not only are they super comfortable but they can be worn with soooo many other pieces. Biker shorts, jeans, leggings, sweatpants, overalls, skirt, etc. etc. You really can't go wrong with one-however it really depends on the type of aesthetic that you're going for. Are you lounging around the house? Running a few errands? Going on a date? Depending on the occasion you may want to consider if you should dress it up or play it down. If you are planning to go out-out, you have a few options to look a rock star:

1. Pair with a blazer, ripped jeans, and statement heels

2. Pair with leather pants or a leather jacket

3. Wear as is with thigh high boots (of course it depends on the length of the t-shirt)

4. Pair with a mini, midi, or a full length skirt

5. Pair with bold colorful leggings

Check out my video below on how I wore 5 different graphic tees 5 different ways

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