A Skirt Set In Dreamy Tie Dye

Summer is still here and yes it’s still Leo season and yes I am still feeling the tie dye. This yellow and blue set from Bdonnas is definitely turning up the heat with the sexy mermaid vibes. The top has a v-neckline with a self tie front strap and the skirt is A-line with a high waist. The fabric is very stretchy and the skirt is long to achieve that fishtail effect-maybe just a tad bit long. Normally, I would have kissed an item like this goodbye (because who has the time) but one trip to my local seamstress and she was able to hem the skirt for me. She has awesome skills and I trust her with all of my alterations! Now the length is just right and I could wear flats or heels without dragging the skirt on the floor. Unfortunately this set is sold out but I did find an alternative. Check out my page. My earrings and bracelet cuff are from Dillard's. You can visit my page for a similar item.

What I love the most about 2 pieces sets are the mixing and matching! The possibilites are endless. Check out my video below on what I paired the pieces with and yes if you know me IRL then you know I can get super silly. Life is short why not?

What do you think of this set? Comment below.

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